Running Mona is replica of the Chrome's Dino Runner Game. I always love to play with codes and make something crazy. I was trying out something web game, and then an idea came to my idea. What not create a Mona version of Dino Runner Game.

Running Mona - Click here to play

You just need to dodge the obstacles by jumping and get a big score on the board.

How to play?

The game is very simple. Press any key to start the game and to jump of the obstacles.

How we built it

I've used HTML and CSS for the layouting and styling the website. The game logic is totally coded in Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Working on the game logic and then bringing it out on code was a challenge for me. I've tried my level to figure out all the constraints the game needs.

What's next for Running Mona?

I'm planning to introduce a user login functionality, so the user's score can be logged and leaderboard feature. Leaderboard will list all the user's best score. Also, thinking to make the game further more challenging by introducing more obstacles.

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