Jogging the same path can get dull sometimes. We wanted to add a wearable that can help you revitalize jogging.

What it does

The RunningM8 wearable + mobile companion generates jogging routes based on how long you would like to run for. The mobile app generates navigation (powered by Google Maps API) for a randomly chosen path based on your location. The wearable is a Myo + LED/Audio shoe mount that provides gesture controlled LED headlights for night running, LED turn signalling, and a digital bell.

LED lights keeps the runner visible at night and illuminate their path. There is also a buzzer that can be toggled with a Myo gesture that will alert pedestrians ahead of your path. In addition gestures such as "to the left" and "to the right" can trigger turning signals on the go! We plan to have the Android app toggle the LED turn signals based on turn-by-turn navigation. No need to stress over the route by looking at your phone!

How we built it

We used a Raspberry Pi for software relating to the light signals and Android for the maps mobile app. We used a open-source library called myo-raw to read the Myo directly to Linux. We were able train our program to understand the difference between 7 separate gestures. Once trained, a Python program determines which gesture is being performed and then reacts by turning on various ports connected to LEDs. Our android app uses the Google Maps API and built in Android studio, and chooses random destinations based on distance equations.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately there was no SDK for Unix for the Myo! This meant we had to hack away at a third-party library to manually configure gestures. We also were unable to locate a Wifi adaptor to match up an android app with the raspberry pi in order to get turn-by-turn LEDs changed by Navigation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to control turning signals with your arm muscles! Random path generation!

What we learned

How to work with a team :). Struggles of working with hardware debugging.

What's next for Running M8


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