I wanted to make music at this hackathon, so I did.

Originally, I was on a team with the intention to make a tron-like game with a retro theme. I volunteered to make a soundtrack for it, pulling in retro elements and adding a modern flare.

The team developing the game ended up falling apart (by falling asleep), but I ended up with this, and I'm kinda happy with it.

What it does

It's a musical piece. You could even call it a song if you want. You should listen to it, preferably with stereo headphones.

How I built it

This was made by searching for inspirational music on Spotify (eg: arcade soundtracks, Daft Punk), and then producing everything in FL Studio.

Challenges I ran into

Creativity is a pretty difficult thing to do. I would say that building motives that were new and sufficiently different was the most difficult challenge here. The next biggest difficulty was mixing the various instruments together to sound good without overpowering each other. This was my first time ever trying to mix channels in a useful manner, so the end product could probably benefit from more editing in the future.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made music! That's pretty cool, right?

What I learned

See "Challenges" section above.

What's next for this project

Probably remixes or further editing. I also kinda want to spend some more time working on the vocal sections. I feel like they could use some more work.

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