Runners' Beats is an Android based app that harnesses the power of the Myo band to track the speed of a runner and allows the user to intuitively change and pause song tracks specifically tailored for the runner's speed and tastes with the flick of his hand.

Runners' Beats was inspired by a runner on our team. He wanted to design music playlists to fit his speed to help maintain his pace. Although the rest of us weren't runners, we all thought this was a creative idea that could actually help people in real life, and was a challenging project that would help all of us learn.

Along with wanting to have music to fit a runner's speed, we wanted a product that was easy and very intuitive to use. After encountering problems using the phone's native accelerometer, we decided to use the Myo band that was so conveniently available to us. The Myo band came with many more benefits. Even more than just having an easier to manipulate accelerometer, the Myo band allowed our users to change their tracks and harness the music with hand gestures that were sensed by the band.

By communicating to the Echo-nest and Spotify API extract the vast amounts of information and music, our app allows the phone to combine the Myo band data to the API data to find the best songs to fit the runner.

Despite only having succeeded with the Android port of the app, two members of our team spent extensive time working on the iOS version, but encountered huge systematic errors with the Spotify API, and thus were not able to finish the with the iOS port.

Runners' Beats provides easy music listening solutions to runners who want specially tailored tracks, along with being an educational and challenging experience.

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