We think Tinder is shallow as user only matches other people based on their profile photos, we therefore want to create a "healthier" type of matching/dating app based on a widely applicable sports: Jogging. We bring RunMate to the world for hobby joggers to discover new running routes in the city and meet new joggers based on the running interest.

What it does

RunMate allow users to first pick a route in the city (currently only Hong Kong is available for this hackathon scope), then swipe left/right from a list of other users who are also interested to run this route. When two users are interested to run with each other, they are matched! They can then chat together and we will let them to improvise what is happening next :)

How we built it

We built this mobile app using solely Meteor to demo its powerfulness. Our team has done couple of projects using meteor before so we are luckily enough to build a MVP of RunMate just under 24 hours. In this project, we used most of the common meteor packages such as iron router, accounts-password, Blaze etc. Meteoric package is integrated for the frontend UI components and transitions. For Login part, we are using facebook login (accounts-facebook) to smooth the user login experience. Last but not least, to achieve the Tinder-like swipe card interactions, the gwendall:swing package is used.

What's next for RunMate

We think RunMate is a fresh and healthy way for urban joggers to discover new running routes and like-minded people in the city. We wish to push this idea out and test the market reaction once it is approved by AppStore and Play Store. Our team is eager to see this app to grow in the future and will continuously to add new features to enhance RunMate. We hope you would like this app!

Packages used

  • meteor-base             # Packages every Meteor app needs to have
  • mobile-experience       # Packages for a great mobile UX
  • mongo                   # The database Meteor supports right now
  • blaze-html-templates    # Compile .html files into Meteor Blaze views
  • session                 # Client-side reactive dictionary for your app
  • jquery                  # Helpful client-side library
  • tracker                 # Meteor's client-side reactive programming library
  • standard-minifiers      # JS/CSS minifiers run for production mode
  • es5-shim                # ECMAScript 5 compatibility for older browsers.
  • ecmascript              # Enable ECMAScript2015+ syntax in app code
  • iron:router
  • random
  • accounts-facebook
  • service-configuration
  • stevezhu:lodash
  • zimme:active-route
  • anti:fake
  • gwendall:swing
  • zeroasterisk:cordova-geolocation-background
  • accounts-ui
  • erasaur:meteor-lodash
  • meteoric:ionic
  • meteoric:ionic-sass
  • meteoric:ionicons-sass
  • sacha:spin
  • raix:eventddp
  • check
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