Our idea started as a way to gameify your life. It's really hard to motivate yourself to exercise. Take for instance 24-year-old Joe who is trying to improve his fitness. He could go for a walk or run for his health, but Netflix is just a click away. ;o So why not use the ultimate motivator, Money.

What it does

Joe is able to use our app to select a target goal of fitness activity and a time frame to meet that goal. Joe is going to put some money on the line for extra motivation. If he meets his fitness goals, he gets his money back. If he doesn't reach his target goal, the money is then donated to a charity that he gets to pick.

Joe is now more motivated, has better focus, and is determined to achieve his goals.

How we built it

We began with react native expo to create a mobile application to track fitness from your smartphone. We interfaced with the accelerometer that's built into Samsung phones, and used a bunch of math to create a custom algorithm to track fitness.

The sign-in authentication for users to login is built using firebase as the backend.

Additionally we used node.js to create an api for users to reference their data anywhere they are.

Used Affinity Designer to create our logo.

Github was a real powerhouse in helping us all develop at the same time.


Challenges we ran into

  • React native expo and firebase were unsupported and we had to find a workaround. ;(
  • We were new to React Native so it was a lot of new syntax to learn. JavaScript is a menace let me tell ya.
  • The pedometer API was unsupported for the current version of Android so we had to create our own algorithm to track fitness from accelerometer data.
  • I was new to Git and merging conflicts were a serious challenge.
  • React native errors were inconsistent and often didn't convey the problem. ;~;
  • Expo worked maybe half the time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We made a customized algorithm to track fitness using real time data.
  • Successfully collaborating with a cross disciplinary team to create a complex functioning app.
  • The app actually turned out really cool.
  • Learning react in a day to build this app.

What we learned

  • I enjoy hacking.
  • Learned react native development, javascript, node.js and how it all integrates.
  • Learned how to code with multiple people, version control and the devpipline.
  • Using GitHub and how to push, merge, pull, branching, etc.

What's next for RunLock

  • Making a better looking UI.
  • Adding more features such as a location service.
  • A social like service to keep yourself and your friends more accountable.
  • An auto refresh of values.
  • Implementing this application in everyday life.
  • Integrate iOS Health App
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