Made with love for outdoor activities, "Run With Me" aims to create addiction, rather to motivate people. Following the model from online strategy games, "Run With Me" tracks your outdoor activities and count them in competitive seasons, similar to official competitions.

Basic specs of the app:

  • currently available for Android devices only;
  • activities which can be tracked: running, walking, cycling, skating, kayaking. Also wheelchairs are welcomed.
  • target audience: all ages, any performance level
  • completely free, no ads and no hidden payments.

Fact sheet:

  • the app doesn't try to make users athletic champions
  • the app is developed by a former athletic champion with 8+ years app development experience
  • the app doesn't try to prove the capabilities of the modern technology, but to make people love outdoor activities
  • is one of the few (if not the only one) apps which has real time synchronized exercising - meaning that more users can exercise simultaneously and being aware of this.
  • the app will never charge users for using it. Although, monetization is possible.

How is the app going to make people happier: Physical activities have positive effects on both physical and mental health. The philosophy behind the app is to make people practice more outdoor physical activities and with this, to give them the opportunity to evaluate better their temporary staying on this world.

What if... The app wins the contest. I've invested a few hundreds of hours of work on the app development, the equivalent of $7500 so far. The awards will help to develop the iOS version of the app and on a separate project: To organize a small running race for children from a nearby school, which race will be a tribute to a coach who past away last year.

Beyond everything, I made the app for personal use and no matter what is going to happen, you'll find me in the app, running.

Happy voting!

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