Initially, our inspiration arose from dropping the player in the middle of a retro-style Pong game. Of course, that idea evolved, and became more of a fast-paced mini game conglomeration, inspired by works such as Super hot, Flappy Bird, and a few others.

What it does

The game is a simple loose sequence of mini games. Each mini game has its own name, (eg run, jump, and dodge), and own mechanics (eg. run through a maze, jump through holes, dodge incoming projectiles). It's fast paced, simplistic, and aesthetically varied.

How I built it

This game was fully coded in Unreal Engine blueprints, all visual assets were created in Aseprite, and all sound files (apart from the royalty-free music, which was taken from David Renda online) were created in Audacity, all in the span of 36 hours.

Challenges I ran into

At first, our scope was too large, and we attempted to focus on multiplayer compatibility and a wide range of mini games. In the end, we ended up including only three mini games tailored to a single player experience. And, of course, there were technical problems along the way, including bugs such as assets not showing up to assets magically appearing within the game after being told specifically not to do so.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of the general fast-paced, simplistic feel of the game. Specifically, we are very proud of the shifting background and fading cubes around the edges. We are very happy with how the game turned out, and only wish we had more time to perfect it.

What I learned

This was our first time working as a team together to create something of this scale. This taught us a wide range about not only the process of working together on a project, but also about the value of hard work, dedication, and sticktoitiveness. Individually, we each learned more about our areas of involvement, including coding, asset design, sound creation, and game design.

What's next for run.

We plan to continue development of run into the future. We hope to include new levels, such as fly, dash, and die. We also initially planned on creating different asset themes that you can switch to, a difficulty slider, and multiplayer compatibility, all of which we hope we can implement in the near future. At some point, we may release the game on the Steam store for free.

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