One of the first video games that we ever played was called "Helicopter". The goal of the game was to avoid the ceiling and the floor of the terrain whilst avoiding obstacles. For Flappy Future, we brought back all the joys of the endless runner game, in addition to implementing more modern technologies such as gesture recognition and virtual reality.

What it does

Flappy Future incorporates visual feedback + hand motions into a virtually immersive reality designed with cutting edge technology. Users test their reaction times and coordination as they navigate an endless maze in a hands free experience. Targeted mainly to younger kids, it is our hope that eventually games like these can have a larger benefit for kid coordination and social awareness, something traditional that video games have been leaving teens without. With a wider range of stimulus and user input, Flappy Future can engage players on levels not traditionally achievable by video games today.

How we built it

We used Unity3D, along with the Android SDK and Google VR SDK to create an environment in which we could create an Android application for the VR game. We scripted in C# and designed the game simultaneously using Git for version control. We also implemented the Xesto API for gesture recognition alongside the Leap Motion.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest problem was with our commit history in Git since merge conflicts and random branch checkouts would get very hectic when dealing with design changes. We also couldn't add all of the collision effects to all of the obstacles due to the sophistication of the player object.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully implemented a Leap Motion for player control
  • Worked well as a team and collaborated in an organized fashion

What we learned

We improved our scripting skills in C#, gained a much better understanding of virtual reality, and learned how to build and develop Android applications through Unity. We also gained exposure to machine learning APIs through gesture recognition.

What's next for Flappy Future

We hope that someone will see the potential of Flappy Future so that we can offer the game to the public

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