It's always hard to motivate yourself to run. Staying fit and having the desire to keep yourself healthy is a must in modern society, but many people have trouble with doing so. Yet, with the magic of Pebble, we can change that.

What it does

Our app, Run to Safety, is a fitness game that motivates the user to run at a moderate pace. The game is designed by taking the Pebble's accelerometer data and providing effects based on the user's speed of running. If the user is running at a considerably slow pace, the pebble vibrates and notifies the user that they are "in danger" and need to speed up. When running at a fast pace, the pebble no longer vibrates and complements the user. We will possibly apply music effects depending on the speed if we have enough time.

How we built it

Using the Pebble Cloudsource IDE, we designed our program in C. We used the Pebble's built in libraries to access the accelerometer data and set cases depending on the users sampled speed. We then customized the Pebble's watchface and added vibration affects depending on the cases while also displaying the acceleration of each axis on the watchface. We are still working on further applications.

Challenges we ran into

We can into a couple challenges. Our biggest challenge was learning C from the group up to apply it to the Pebble. It was intimidating at first, but after some time we managed to get the hang of it. Our next challenge was getting used to the Pebble interface and understanding the Pebble's built in libraries and commands. Once again, it just took a little practice.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy to say that we have a fully functional and working Pebble app. Having created this app makes us proud of our hard work and perseverance to understanding and implementing new topics to us (not to meantion that we are all freshman).

What we learned

We learned that with enough work and patience, you can overcome the worst of problems. We learned how to implement C and Pebble, while also getting a taste of some higher level programming logic and techniques. We learned a bit of android and mobile applications. And finally, we learned that hackathons are awesome.

What's next for Run to Safety

Future implementations of Run to Safety include: adding user chosen playlists for when they are in the ideal pace for running, AI implementation and custom "Jaws" or "zombie" affects for when the user is running slow. We also have planned up a Cops and Robbers game of tag that can be used with Pebble which will user similar applications like this Pebble app.

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