Run Off

The City Comparator

At SBHacks 2015 at UC Santa Barbara I made Run Off, a web based application that aggregated city data from OpenGov ( It allows direct comparison between multiple cities, and how they rank in terms of employment rate, population, wealth, and crime to say a few.

This tool is meant to increase transparency in local governments, rather than the end user having to search on his or her own for specific data. Now they can go to one place, view relevant information and compare it to other cities.

All data is in real time from opengov, the moment a new statistic is pushed the end user will be able to access it.

My favourite aspects of the tool include the ability to directly compare city statistics, adjust for population and look at the general direction of an event by its weighted average.

Technology used: HighCharts.js, HTML, CSS, Javascript, OPENGOV API

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