We all need the motivation to hit the gym or to stay fit and healthy. Give yourself a little nudge by running to raise money for the charity organization that you support. We hoped this application would encourage several others like us to stay healthy philanthropically.

What it does

Run & Fund is an iOS application that allows users to select their favorite charity organization and donate to it based on the number of miles they ran. The application gives users the opportunity to browse several different non-profit organizations and select the one appropriate for them. Then the user can select a fixed rate by which they would like their donations to be sent. Along with this, users can track their runs real-time and see essential quantitative details such as pace, distance, and duration.

How we built it

The core application is written using Swift 4, Cocoapods, and Firebase, in Xcode 10.1 Non-profit organizations were retrieved from Orghunter API, which maintains an extensive list of them. This application was built using Firebase for saving user data. Core data, Mapkit and Core Location were used to keep track of the runs and update maps after every run.

Challenges we ran into

Updating maps real-time was a huge difficulty that we faced from the beginning. Along with this, connecting Firebase and understanding the database structure was a huge hurdle. We tried to use GoogleMaps initially for run tracking but that backfired as there were very few tutorials available online for the most recent SDK.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Able to complete the project
  • Integrated all the essential components for a working app

What we learned

  • It's always better to ask for help and the mentors here assisted us a lot, through Slack and on location
  • Sticking to core

What's next for Run&Fund

  • Using gamification to build a local social network
  • Add music to run tracking application such that the tempo changes with the pace of the user
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