** Emerging infectious diseases and the growth of information technology have produced new demands and possibilities for disease surveillance and response. Increasing numbers of outbreak reports must be assessed rapidly so that control efforts can be initiated and unsubstantiated reports can be identified to protect countries from unnecessary economic damage. Currently, there is no such existing system where we could enter the information and the system verifies whether that info is true or not. We wanted to give our little contribution for betterment of the society which motivated us to select this theme. **

What it does

This project is all about to take information of rumour from the local residents and validating it by officials with a alert notification property.

How we built it

** We build this webapp using django framework written in python language.For front end we have used bootstrap3 and custom css.**

Challenges we ran into

** Integrating the exotrel api to send sms because api was continously refusing connection.**

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have developed a good user friendly webapp.

What we learned

**We learned how to integrate different api in django.

What's next for Rumour_register

**A more user friendly gui,using machine learning to automatically verify rumour.

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