People now tend to get news from social networks(like Twitter, Facebook..) rather than traditional media(like CNN, ABC.). However, there are a lot of rumors and fake news on those social networks, which could be harmful for people to make the decisions, the fraud information make people loss money, even more serious is that there still some debate on whether social networks influence the result of president election. Verifying these massive information requiring much time and effort. But now, people do not need worried about it any more, because we have rumorend !

What it does

A browser extension designed to protect users from twitter rumor, evaluate the credibility of tweets based on its content, publisher, and reference link, providing a user-friendly way to use.

How we built it

We crawl the twitter message by providing twitter link, and we extract the tweet text, embed url and user id, we call some API to get the reputation score of user id and embed url. We also search the tweet text by google search API, we call the WOT (web of trust) to analysis the website domain get from the top 20 website by google search. Last, we get a credit from these score and return to the front end.

Frontend: Chrome extension (Javascript) Backend: RESTful APIs (Python Flask)

Challenges we ran into

Implement many crawlers and blocked many times by twitter and google :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Propose a solution how to detect rumor and a user friendly way to use it.

What we learned

The importance of team work and cloud brain.

What's next for rumorend

1.Release RumorEnd on other social media include facebook 2.Improve classification accuracy 3.Enhance server performance

Our final goal is let people get the true facts and make the right decisions !

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