The world is totally messed up by the Covid-19. Besides the detrimental corona virus, rumors about Covid also became prevalent on the Internet. Many people cannot distinguish between true and false online posts and information. Thus, we would like to help these people with a blog to solve the issue of identification of genuineness of posts.

What it does

This website is fundamentally a public blog for people to share their thoughts and post information relating to Covid-19. Users are able to register and login with credentials, then make their own posts. We offer functions like editing the post even after you post it. Moreover, some of the users are classified as Experts, who can make judgement on the genuineness of users' posts in the blog. These experts are intended to be health officials, professional doctors who can provide most accurate judgement on posts.

How we built it

We wrote the majority of the website using Flask micro web framework. We used VM instance on Google Cloud to host our server. We also used SQLite to store our user registration information and host database on Google Cloud. We used blueprint and template to build our webpage with HTML.

Challenges we ran into

Firewall issues with the instance on Google Cloud hindered accessing remotely. Having difficulty with manipulating the position of background image of our website properly. Due to deficiency of knowledge, we didn't use APIs provided on Google Cloud to accomplish more functions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully built up a runnable website with cloud database within 20 hours, and the website meets our goal of basic blog usage and making judgement for users.

What we learned

We learned to use Flask framework to built up website, plus additional knowledge in writing HTML files. Also, we learned how to cooperate between frontend and backend when building up a website.

What's next for Rumor Judgement

Looking ahead, we are going to implement more functions for our website, and to enhance the stability of our database, as well as the security of our website to be change from HTTP to HTTPS. We would like to further introduce some machine learning aspects to help decide the genuineness of posts.

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