It originated from a discussion in the floor lounge. A bunch of freshmen, glued to their cell phones, their Smash 4 competitions on Wii, and their friendly swordfights in the hallway. This camaraderie, combined with a fierce competitive edge, could only lead to one thing:

"What about Tinder, but for fighting?"

Rumblr is a Google-integrated social competition service. Mature users age 18 and up simply connect their Google accounts to experience competition on a whole new level. Presently, the service allows users to connect with those in their immediate area, and then flip, Tinder-style, through profiles of those around them, and decide to Rumble them in the competition of their choice. Eventually, challengers will be able to define tags for types of Rumbles, which could be anything from video games to fistfights.

They can then organize a Rumble, and later go back and log the results. If neither party can agree who won, the site automatically picks a random winner after a day of stalemate. And rumbles are recorded on users' profiles, so they can track their victories wherever they go, no matter the tag.

The Rumblr team is made up entirely of first years from SEAS and CC. Of our 9 members, 8 have never been to a hackathon before, and most have little-to-no programming experience besides basic intro programming classes. Working on Rumblr has been an exciting learning experience for all of us, as well as a chance to turn a long-running idea into reality.

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