RUItchy was inspired by a teammate of ours who suffers from multiple skin-related ailments.

What it does

RUItchy is a cross-platform, mobile/web application that allows users to diagnose a variety of skin-related conditions with the help of their camera lens and an intuitive user interface.

How we built it

RUItchy is essentially written in JavaScript and Python. It utilizes the Ionic Framework for the front end and Python/Firebase for the back end. We had Firebase send data by posting and fetching JSON objects, and used Python's OpenCV to analyze the images for illnesses/ symptoms.

Challenges we ran into

We initially came into this hackathon with limited knowledge about web and mobile development. During these past 36 hours, we touched upon TypeScript for the first time while using the Ionic framework, and had to learn how to utilize a backend/database in order to manage our data flow. Lastly, we had little experience working with both Python and its OpenCV framework, which, coupled with a lack of knowledge about computer vision and machine learning concepts/algorithms, set us at quite a handicap. With the limited experience we had with the various technologies used to complete this project, our biggest challenge throughout was trying to learn and develop with unfamiliar tools and concepts within the given time limit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team members were almost all completely new to working with the frameworks and tasks needed to complete our project; thus, a significant amount of time was spent both learning and trying to develop with the frameworks at hand. Though it was our first time taking on a task of this scale, we're happy to say that it was an extremely worthwhile experience in that we ended up learning how to successfully build our own mobile/web application that utilizes image recognition software.

What's next for RUItchy

Currently we're expecting to expand this application to utilize more features, such as improved identification of wounds and illnesses, as well as symptom

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