With Rugby Match Finder we want user to be able to browse upcoming games along with information about stadiums where matches are going to take place ! We combine example stadium AIG feed data with other stadium data to give the most comprehensive stadium guide in hands of Android users! You can browse stadium data and see their location with Google Maps.

But it's not always possible to watch match live on stadium and watching live transmission together with your friends on a big screen in pub or bar is also a big fun. The questions is where to go ? Our app detects user location, communicates with our data server and suggest nearby pubs where you can watch live transmission of selected match !

Once you make a decision, you can share it on facebook so that your friends will know where are you going to watch the game. Using Facebook or Twitter technology is essential point here as they can be great tools to effectively spread the word about upcoming rugby events ! And it allows to know where your friends are going to be and join them. Watching rugby match can be great experiences and great experiences are even better when shared together !

On top of that you can learn a lot of interesting facts about rugby!

Enjoy !

NOTE: When populated with real data of pubs and matches future calendar we imagine that this app could be a fantastic resource for any any rugby player ! However main point is that we're unable to get real-life data about pubs and about live match transmission that are going to take place there as it would require bigger organizational resources. We "just" came up with idea and created app showing technology solution that could be used in this area.

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