Fantasy rugby is awesome, but putting together the best team can be tough. Do you pick one superstar and then fill out your roster with sub-par players, or do you pick average players and try to distribute your "value" evenly throughout the team? Rugby Fantasy Scout helps you answer these questions.

Rugby Fantasy Scout combines fun with functionality. Compare players and put them together onto hypothetical teams to come up with your Rugby dream team. Don’t know much about Rugby but want to try out a fantasy league? Not a problem. We will show you what you need to know to have you choosing like a pro in no time. Already playing fantasy rugby, but never quite win your league? Look deeper into players' past performances to better gage them, for both the good and the bad. Visualize critical fantasy stats with dynamic charts that update in real time as you change your picks. Why pick a zero when you could pick a hero? And the best part is that Rugby Fantasy Scout takes only minutes to learn.

So, what are you waiting for? Join millions of fans in one of the fastest growing, high impact sports on the planet. Create your team and cheer your players on. Invite your friends, family and neighbors to get in on the action. It’s time for Rugby Fantasy Scout to show you the way.


  • Pick players and add them to one of two scout rosters. Find the best fit for a given team, position or overall. Look up players up by name, team, position, or fantasy value.

  • Compare your team rosters head-to-head and see how they match up. Dynamic real-time charts give you a clear vision of where the teams’ strengths and weaknesses lie.

  • Perform side-by-side comparison of players to find out who you really want on your team.

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