Many websites hosts data for lost animals but there is currently few service that provides a central robust database for stray animals and pets. Existing websites and databases do not also include geographical data.

What it does

It help users take an image, tag the image as being that of a stray or lost animal and include other info like if its hurt or neutered or not. We also pull data from existing fragmented data sources and display them in a user friendly way.

How we built it

We have three components: an Android application for the client side, Python backend and web app for viewing the combined data in a beautiful interface. We used phone geo data and image similarity to figure out whether if 2 different images are of the same dog

Challenges we ran into

Teammate leaving, new to Android development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We somehow made it work

What we learned

How to use Azure, Facebook API, Android Dev, How to make a really cool domain name.

What's next for RuffInit

We plan on working on it after the Hackathon and making it open source.

Built With

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