Answer questions on topics such as Science and Math to rescue Ruff the puppy.

Ruff is a cute puppy who has a knack of getting stuck in random places. The Ruff Challenge is an edutainment game that asks the user questions on a variety of topics such as Science, Math, and Space and allows rescuing Ruff on successful completion.

To start, just say "Alexa, launch Ruff Challenge" or "Alexa, open Ruff Challenge" to start the game.

At any time, you can stop the game by saying "Alexa, stop".

What it does

The Ruff Challenge is an Alexa skill that lets children rescue Ruff the puppy by answering questions on topics such as Math, Social Studies, Science, etc. When the game starts, the user is given the mission to rescue Ruff, who mysteriously keeps getting stuck in a random way each time and needs your help. The user is offered two paths to reach Ruff - two topics selected from a pool of topics. Once the user selects a path, they need to answer 5 questions to progress through all levels and to finally reach Ruff.

Since each new session will have a random mission and a choice of topic, the skill provides some variety every time it’s invoked.

How I built it

This skill is built using Alexa SDK for Node.js.

What I learned

Alexa skill development

Built With

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