An Android app for friends who want to spend quality time together

The Concept

We came up with an app that encourages people to not just coexist while twiddling around on their phones, but to actually spend time with one another. Simply set your Android device to social mode, set your phone down and hang out with the friends around you. But beware: if you touch your phone's touchscreen too much, you will receive sassy messages from your phone in protest.

The Journey

Almost all of us are first-time hackathon hackers and first-time Android developers. Our goal was to create a simple app to solve a problem that we often face: when out on the town with our friends, they won't stop checking their phones. We tackled this project by assigning two women (Rosalie and Vickie) the role of UI designers/front-end and two women (Alaina and Karina) the role of setting the app's functionality. We incorporated a Facebook login feature, a timer, and a touch detector. The timer and touch detector functions work together to determine when someone should be sent a sassy message telling them to put down their device. If the user gets "three strikes," a sassy Facebook status is posted on their account. On the plus side, friends can earn local discounts for not checking their phone while in social mode.

In the future, we would like to incorporate a social comparison component of this Android app, perhaps similar to Swarm, so that friends can compete for the best rewards.

We hope you enjoy our first hack together!

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