We're all college students who wanted a create a hack for dealing with the hardest part about college- roommates. Imagine this- you wake up early and spend all day working on a project. After all your hard work, you look forward to finally being able to go back to your room and fall asleep. But when you get outside your door, you begin to hear it- the subtle sounds of a snore on the other side. Now usually this wouldn't bother you, but you spent all day working and need your sleep for your 8am exam! So what will you do? In our eyes, there's only one thing to do. Let's just say your roommate is in for a Rude Awakening.

What it does

Rude Awakening is a hack designed with college students in mind. It uses a sound sensor to listen for snoring. When a threshold volume is reached, it triggers a servo motor to go rotate 180 degrees. A needle is attached to the end of the motor, so as it rotates, a balloon gets popped on your roommate's head to scare them awake. For preventative measures, we added some water to be sure they wake up. We'll make sure you get the sleep you deserve.

What's next for Rude Awakening

We are planning on making the sound sensor more accurate by changing the trigger. Instead of reaching a volume threshold, we want it to reach that threshold for a certain amount of time, like 30 seconds. This helps ensure that it will get triggered by the snoring, rather than by a singular loud sound.

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