Our team was named "Ruby on Rails" at first because we originally thought of making a web application using Ruby on Rails using train API data ("Rails" would be fitting to the theme of transportation). We did end up doing something and completely pivoted our project as one of our team members had an interest in making a strategy game, and our team decided to make small individual games for a microgame pack. So we rebranded to DoNothing Games Co.

What it does

Mobile Arms

Primary Hacker: Devin

Turn-based strategy game


Primary Hacker: Stuart

Flappy Bird but St. Louis Bread Co themed

How we built it

  • The mini-games were built using Unity and C# scripting.
  • The tank 3D model was made by Stuart using Blender.

Challenges we ran into

  • Our team had the mutual understanding that none of us needed to be pressured for the hackathon since we all have other responsibilities going on. Hence the "Do nothing!" team nickname.
  • Additionally, one team member had to miss part of the hackathon time due to another commitment.
  • We had difficulty coordinating tasks since the strategy game project was Devin's initiative and it was difficult to know how to approach building game components without a clear direction for the game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Making a project over the weekend!
  • Having fun and participating in events.

What we learned

  • Sometimes Unity doesn't make things simpler.
  • It's very helpful to have a plan for a project and the "project manager" role for a team can be significant in how a team coordinates.
  • Team communication is crucial to effective collaboration.
  • Going several steps into a process when one of the early steps had a problem can cause a significant time loss.
  • It's fun to work in-person together on projects.
  • Hackathons are great for motivation to build things, but it may be hard to focus on doing homework if you're at one.
  • Sometimes it's more efficient to let queues shrink before adding more entities to them. As in waiting in the food lines. But that comes with the trade-off of the possibility of the desired resource being exhausted.
  • Unity has a Tilemap package!

What's next for DoNothing Games Co

Devin started a hobby project he'd been wanting to start for a while and may continue working on it in the future.

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