Women around the world must be taken seriously by society. Providing equality, for both women and men around the world, without creating a "revolution" is our challenge. Many of our solvers proposed to do this by education and proper laws, teaching men and women of all ages to respect women and girls no matter the differences we may or may not have.

What RUBI does

Provide equality with both men and women, in which countries' governments and NGOs who are interested can participate, thus promoting that all countries get involved. Parents would teach their sons from a young age how to treat girls/women with respect. Teachers would teach with genre perspective and provide information of how to stop women discrimination with an App to help teenage girls find their voice, self-defense strategies, books written by succesful women that have had struggle in the past and their history, and facts about how women live in different countries with intercultural perspectives.

How we built it

It was a teamwork generating proposals for our challenges, brainstorming solutions that can help our communities all around the world. Comparing perspectives about the challenge in intercultural contexts. And grouping ideas for having a final proposal.

Challenges we ran into

Different time zones from team participants, understanding perspectives from each culture and selecting just one solution to a multiple proposals challenge. Language and internet connection issues. Also kind of ignorance about some internet platforms.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We were able to finish no matter the obstacles like time zones or languages. We could understood different perspectives to continue motivating leadership and empowerment. We created friendship bonds and learn more about the cultural differences.

What we learned

Being more aware about things that happen on a daily basis to women, the obstacles just because gender, the perspectives that each person has in his/her context. We also learned a lot about time zones, contexts and perspectives, creating global abilities and intercultural learning.

What's next for RUBI-Building a better world for Women

  • Identify The Who
  • Plan and follow ups
  • Focus group: Involve parents and teachers
  • Brainstorming from more social areas
  • Benchmarking
  • Create an agenda
  • Promoting the proposal around the world
  • Empower girls and women to continue with this project and many other more

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This is the scripts for our YouTube video above: Please kindly review it, thank you!

1-Mei: ‘I want every girl to know that her voice can change the world’- Malala Fund

2-Sumaita: Gender inequality arose 8000 years ago when human society abandoned their agricultural settlement. This is according to a study published by the European Journal of Archaeology.

3-Lisa: From this, we learn that women have always been treated unfairly and it is an integral part of human history. Even in today’s society, women are still not fully granted their rights as some countries tend to underestimate women, be it in the family or workplace.

4-Neath: To solve this issue, we have proposed many solutions to fight for women’s rights and the betterment of their lives. But, one of them stood out the most. Our solution is to make an educational-political treaty that enlightens the rights of women and is integrated by the law.

5-Segal/ Sol: From this, the new generation with a different mindset can truly bring about a change in the world. Equal societies will form a cohesive community with women appreciated, positively valued, and given the equivalent rights as men.

6-Graciela: Under this treaty, quality education and various services will be provided to females all over the world.

7-Faria: An integrated App with a bracelet for girls and women’s safety. To send alarms, share their experiences, and strengthen each other, including exercises for a healthy lifestyle and awareness.

8-Arpan: Schools should prepare a platform for female students to raise their voices and raise awareness for women globally using social media. In addition, all female students should be given a wristband that is connected with the police for use during emergencies. Self-defense classes should also be offered to ensure that they can protect themselves.

9-Sofia: Education shall be made available to females in rural areas through new means and flexible policies without age limits. Parents will also educate their sons from an early age to be empathetic with girls and women.

10-Graciela: ‘There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise’- Dorothy Dandridge

11-Zain: “You are Powerful! Embody your spirit, be who you are, and achieve your goals, don't let people tell you who you should be”.

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