Well well well. It all began with the idea of making something using ridiculous programming languages. Eventually, it morphed into the idea of making a Rube Goldberg machine.

What it does

It tells you what color the LEDs are. Thats it! Great for the colorblind!!!

How we build it

This is where it gets interesting!

It starts with asking Google to talk with Rube Codeberg. Google will inform you how to start it.

Then, after flicking a switch, the LED strip will pulse a random color (red, green, or blue)

A color sensor then reads the LED color on the strip. Once determined, the strip is turned off and sent over serial to a laptop.

The laptop will read the color data and paint an image that can be compiled using piet ( , if you're curious how that works.

The piet picture is compiled into a URL which is opened in Microsoft Edge. Here, a blockchain transaction is created on the Stellar Lumens Network ( and 0.0001 XLM is sent over the network. A memo of the color is included in the transaction.

Once the receiving end receives the transaction, in this case a Windows Phone, An OpenMV camera sensor uses Micropython to capture the color, send it over serial to a laptop.

Here, the laptop uses Twilio to call a phone and inform you of the color.

Challenges we ran into

Being able to call subprocesses in the background concurrently ended up being a challenge. it was also difficult to figure out how to handle piet programs.

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