For our project, we were inspired by on of the most effective methods of debugging code: rubber duck debugging. We wanted to create a website that, rather than answering your questions directly, inspires you to come to your own conclusions.

What it does

Our website takes in up to five keywords and provides you with a result from our custom "ducktionary" with useful descriptions for various programming concepts. It also displays the three best Stack Overflow results for your query.

How we built it

Our website makes use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript for frontend, as well as Python for the backend. Our "ducktionary" uses a custom dictionary of various programming concepts, while the other results use Stack Overflow's own API.

Challenges we ran into

In general, all of us are somewhat new to programming larger software projects like this one, and we struggled with connecting the various features of our site. Specifically, one thing we struggled with was displaying results for our search queries.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some things we are proud of include our custom dictionary search engine and our highly advanced 3D duck technology.

What we learned

We learned a lot about how to build software as a team, especially how to effectively use GitHub.

What's next for RubberDuck

Completing and polishing the website and hosting it on our own domain.

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