Rutgers has the tools and equipment to promote rich, social interactions, but students aren't always to inclined to use them .We needed a platform to meet with people around campus and it's not always easy to break to ice. Our goal was to try and mitigate the initial approach anxiety and create a platform for meeting new people and engage in activities. That is why we built RU down, to allow students with similar interests to initiate contact. Through our app you are not only introduced to new people, but develop long-term connections with them by sharing contact information. If the user wanted to meet up with the previous connections, we have that conveniently stored for them. Even at today's Hackathon we noticed our apps capabilities. It could help match developers together who might have never interacted. We feel our app further enhances Rutger's ideals of community and interpersonal growth. Our app isn't flawless, we feel it can do more to empower people to meet together, but there is one thing it does accomplish. It finds a way to connect people in an interesting way. There's always a head to a tail and this app helps you find yours.

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