What is the weather today? What do I wear in this weather? What matches with this jeans or this t-shirt? No matter how big your wardrobe is , this is an issue that everyone has faced at some point in their life. So we have tried to solve this leveraging the resources provided by the sponsors.

What it does

Notifies you "What to wear, based on the weather conditions." using the message notification which works with your schedule.

How We built it

Front End is developed on Xcode using Swift. Middleware: We used the wolfram alpha API, Twilio API, and Google cloud vision API to achieve various functionalities by integrating them using flask. Backend: GCP and MongoDB

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we struggled to integrate the Twilio API when we implemented the sending the outbound messages through python to the end user as we were using the free version of ngrok. GCP was not working with the private key to bypass network security and even the mentors weren't able to solve that.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We achieved our baseline goals in the end and fixed all the communication barriers between the API's. We were able to leverage vision API to detect type of clothes and their colours.

What we learned

Building a good product requires a lot of effort and challenges but if you keep looking for different ways you can find an answer. With good teamwork you can reach your goals.

What's next for RU Dressed!!

We have a prototype for clothes metadata that we want to integrate with our app to give recommendations based on colour and texture.

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