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What it does

This project tracks the number of games that eSports pros play in real time. Can also track individual users by simply adding their username to a database.

How we built it

We started with a database of eSports players. We implemented requests from Blizzard and Riot Games API to pull data on games played by those players and update statistics including but not limited to associated region, number of games played, number of games played by region, if they have multiple account (smurfs). Plotly then takes this data to provide two graphs: a stacked bar graph showing how many games each player has played while highlighting games played across multiple accounts, as well as a grouped bar graph for comparing games played between each player on an eSports team sorted by role. This project is coded in plotly and Python, taking advantage of .csv databases.

Challenges we ran into

Numerous 429 Errors on calling Riot Games API too frequently. We solved this issue by removing unnecessary API requests and optimizing runtime.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we pulled data from game API to keep track of individual stats and created various plotly graphs from different data sets.

What we learned

Of the many things we learned in this project, the two biggest instances of growth were that we learned how to request and use API as well as organize data in a plotly graph.

What's next for RTS Strategic StatChecker

Next, we hope to track stats beyond the number of games played such as average game time, rank, KDA. Additionally, it's imperative that we build a website fully integrated with RTS Game Tracker's tracking and graphing capabilities and supported with clean UI.

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