When the health workers, police and other people engaged in emergency duties across the world are fighting against as united force. We, the RTIwala Team, also decided to crowd-source the online resources, i.e., as free courses, suggested reading, must-watch shows, and how to deal with Covid-19 and post Covid-19 challenges. We want to build the RTIwala Samanvay is a single source of all the relevant information one should access during and post COVID-19 pandemic and let this lockdown period help you in learning and doing something worthwhile. Secondly, it will also connect the needy or help seeker with one who's ready to help by mentorship, ration, or maybe monetary support based on mutual understanding and consent.

What it does:

It has all the crowdsourced and viral post links shared by the prominent and famous people across social media. The RTIwala Samanvay platform will encourage people to help each other and share more such relevant sources which will help in coping with the Covid-19 and leaving a good impact on our nature.

How I built it:

]We started with a lean tech stack, mostly used Wordpress, some free plugins, and Twitter/Instagram embeds. The RTIwala Samanvay platform is at the prototyping stage as in the advanced version; we will use the APIs of Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Challenges I ran into:

Except for the shortage of time and lack of advanced technical knowhow of my team. We didn't run into any significant challenge which we couldn't overcome as the inspiration is quite big enough for us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

It was a long-standing dream and desired to have a single platform for people of all ages and geographies to access the free and legit sources of learning, reading and watching at one only place.

What I learned:

I learned how to ideate and build a product or devise a solution in the shortest time possible with the least resources but with a big picture and aim of helping everyone in mind.

What's next for RTIwala Samanvay:

We'll further develop it and make it self-sustainable model. We'll earn the revenue via native advertising and some paid/sponsored posts and also re-distribute the revenue among volunteers/moderators and contributors.

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