In Chile, there are many places where people do not have access to nearby health centers, so their displacements may be for hours, or they may even have to stay in other cities to treat their illnesses, which implies a higher level of expenses and very few can afford. In addition, in this country, the amount of mobile devices and Internet connection is available for almost 100% of the population, so I came up with this idea to bring people from far away places to health of better quality and low cost

What it does

It allows patients to register in the system, add their health data (diseases and others) and search for available doctors to make consultations and appointments in real time.

How I built it

I used Microsoft technology, specifically ASP.NET MVC 5, with SQL Server, the entire application is published in Microsoft Azure.

What I learned

The integration with Agora is very easy, since previously I had tried other technologies and it took almost a month, but now it only took a couple of hours.

What's next for RTCMedicine

There are several insurance companies in Chile interested in having a tool like this, since they have expressed that to us and in some cases, I have already done other projects with them, so we have a great opportunity to put this tool into operation initially in Chile and then the rest of South America. In technical terms, obviously we have to improve the notification system when appointments are available, in addition to extending it to mobiles and ensuring that all necessary data is requested from both doctors and patients.

Built With

  • agora
  • c#
  • mvc
  • sql-server
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