rTasks is tool to help stay up on daily, weekly and monthly todos related to various aspects of life and responsibilities. Data ownership, privacy & decentralization drove me to build my own tool rather than be subject to the ever change feature sets of the large companies who do no longer have the consumer in mind.

What it does

A database of recurring tasks that are distributed daily via email or your todo softwares.

How I built it

Blockstack, Vue, Firebase

Challenges I ran into

Learning Vue!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning Vue and figuring out the database schema.

What I learned

Blockstack, Vue and how to put it all together.

What's next for rTasks

Linked datasets so you can associate tasks to an object such as a vehicle. EX: "pay insurance yearly", "change oil quarterly"

Built With

  • javascript-vue-node.js-blockstack
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