I spend a lot of time coordinating hackathon busses, moving the wait list, asking people to confirm their attendance, etc.

What it does

You add your custom invitation and confirmation messages and forms to a Google Sheet along with the number of seats and a list of email addresses, and this script adds three options to your menu:

Send Invitation Form

Builds a Google form with the specified invitation questions and emails it out to your list.

Send Confirmation Fom

Builds a Google form with the specified confirmation questions and asks everyone who has registered to confirm their seat, up to the number of seats available at the event.

Move Wait List

Marks everyone who has not confirmed as "Not Coming" and emails the confirmation form to people on the wait list if there are more seats available at the event.

How I built it

I used Google Apps Script.

Challenges I ran into

Turns out Google Apps Script can't read your email - it can only send email. I was hoping for the script to be a little smarter and be able to respond to people emailing in saying they can't come, but instead people will have to change their response on the confirmation form to say that they can't come.

What I learned

First time using Google Apps Script. It wasn't so hard! I referenced a lot of the example scripts Google has online.

What's next for RSVPlease

I'm gonna use it to coordinate hackathon busses!

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