rscBot (Rush Site C Bot)

A Discord bot written in Python making finding groups to play games within a Discord server easier, using


Users can add games to a file and then add their Discord User ID under the game's entry, allowing for easy recruiting for games by automating DMing users to play. A timed response component is included to ensure that users are present.


  1. !create "name_of_game" = makes a game entry within the gameList.csv file (file itself created if not already present)
  2. !add "name_of_game" = adds the user to the list of players that play that game (TBD)
  3. !recruit "name_of_game" = DM's online users who can play the game, asking if they'd like to play, with a timed response factor enabled to guarantee presence.
  4. yes = accepts a user's request to join a game
  5. !remove "name_of_game" = removes a user from a game (TBD)
  6. !delete "name_of_game" = deletes a particular game (TBD)
  7. !gameList = lists games added

Things to Remember

  1. When adding rscBot to your server, make sure your permissions in the invite link is set to 392192 (allowing for message manipulation by the bot.)

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