I created this project with a focus on cryptography and understanding an algorithm that deals with a common cipher. I created this bot to simulate the RSA cipher, which uses the power of modular congruence to create secure transmission of a message. Two prime numbers are kept as private keys, and keys of the power of k, the result e from congruence, and the product (p*q) are public keys. These keys are encoded and return at the end of the encoding sequence. The keys e, k, and the private keys p and q are then solved for modular congruence to reveal the message s. This is secure because the prime number keys p and q make a very large product, and an outside client trying to find possible values would take almost years to find combinations of p and q from the product alone. This is why the cipher is effective. I used this bot to fully understand RSA encryption. I used Java through Eclipse to create the bot, in a text-based fashion through the console. I had multiple challenges in creating test cases and understanding how to debug, considering how many references to methods there are. I managed to visualize all the test cases by writing down all the data and methods and managed to debug effectively this way.

-video demo in google drive

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