Lead poisoning is a completely preventable disease. Lead exposure is especially hazardous to children under six. According to the EPA, 35% of all children in the US who are poisoned have had some tie to a renovation. Some of the affects for children include hyper activity, behavioral problems, reduced IQ, neurological damage, and death. Lead is found in a variety of sources, including soil, water, and food. But the greatest source of contamination among children is through dust from lead based paint. Lead poisoning is a completely preventable disease.  No child need suffer. Affects on adults can result in high blood pressure, loss of sex drive, neurological issues, kidney problems, and for pregnant women, lead poisoning can be responsible for premature birth, brain damage to the fetus and even miscarriage. Lead poisoning is a completely preventable disease.  No adult need suffer. No fetus need be affected.  It is our vision to help contractors and business owners maintain compliance with EPA’s RRP regulations before, during and for post renovation record keeping.   But an even bigger vision is to protect infant, children and adults from being exposed unnecessarily to lead during a renovation. This app will change lives.  This project has been a year in the making (including education). We hope this will make an impact for renovating contractors and for many families whose children will be spared from the heartache of being poisoned by lead. What inspired this app was hearing stories of contractors whose families were lead poisoned.  It’s difficult to hear inspectors talk about kids that were poisoned in some of the units they were inspecting - units that were not renovated properly. Last week one of my students (a renovator) said his child's BLL was nearly 30mg/dl.  The child was only 28 months.  It was heartbreaking. The significance of the RRP app is to help contractors and maintenance workers keep accurate, detailed and organized records and documentation of each renovation. This careful attention to detail will serve as a guide through the steps of renovation and documentation, thereby reducing the risk of anyone being affected.  At your fingertips this app will also provide the EPA's work practices, cleaning practices and regulations as a reference for the contractor during and post renovation. It will also provide the latest and most up to date regulations as well as links to the EPA website for further resources. The contractor is never more than a click away from the regulations that are vital to the work being done. The first availability of the app will be on the iPhone/iPad, with the Android version to follow in a few weeks. The app will contain documents that are required by the EPA to be completed and archived indefinitely. These documents can be accessed during various phases of a renovation. At the end of a renovation project, the contractor will be able to archive and print a full set of documents pertaining to each specific job. The app will also contain documents that are used for reference only. The app will contain checklists that the contractor can use during the project to ensure all the proper documents are in place and all steps are taken to prevent exposure to the property owner, families and the surroundings. The completed documents that need to be archived can be migrated to a desktop, emailed to a property owner or to a contractor’s office. The app has the ability to take photos and attach them to the documents. The app can give the user the ability to enter information in an account or profile section and this information is shared among the documents automatically. The app will have regular updates of the EPA regulations as they change or are modified.   The video is divided in two parts.  Renovation Part 1 video shows how you can create a new renovation project, input contractor and renovation information, review the work practices, cleaning regulations for both interior and exterior renovation projects.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmZvl14ipjk Renovation Part 2 video shows how you can create a project for renovation, capture validating information and details specific to the renovator and property owner. After working through each of the documents during the renovation process, upon completion, you can then email the project details to yourself, the homeowner, or the office or sync them to your desktop for saving, printing or revision. Pictures can also be taken and attached to the project documents. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvT170pcioc Version 2 of the app, will provide the availability of a web-based system in order for the renovator and business owner to keep necessary documentation intact and available whether in the office or on the job.

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