Multiplayer games are already a vital part of the console, PC and even VR gaming communities. In the future, the demand for multiplayer AR games will increase. We wanted to challenge ourselves with a multiplayer connected Lens and took inspiration from the classic game of "Rock Paper Scissors". We thought that this is the perfect game to create an AR experience with since the game mechanic of "Rock Paper Scissors" is known world wide by people of all ages. With AR this game isn't restricted to one place anymore and can now be played with friends across the world.

What it does

This is a connected Lens that supports 2 players. Each player chooses a champ and then a chroma for that champ. The champs are placed on a platform and the game of "Rock Paper Scissors" start. When you lose a round, your champ loses HP. Play until a champs HP is zero.

How we built it

This Lens was built using Lens Studio. We used Sync Framework to make it a Connected Lens. We used 3D hand tracking to detect if rock, scissors or paper was played. The 3D models and animations of the champions are from Mixamo. We used Remote Cloud Assets to store the 3D models and their textures. Made use of surface tracking to place the 3D models in the real-world.

Challenges we ran into

Size limitations, but that was quickly fixed by using Remote Cloud Assets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is by far the most complex Lens we have created and we are very proud that the end product is working exactly how we envisioned.

What we learned

How to create Connected Lenses. We learnt that testing and debugging is a vital step in developing complex Lenses.

What's next for RPS - Rock Paper Scissors

More champions and chromas. Making the game more complex with added hand signs.

Built With

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