Whilst talking to a friend of mine, he mentioned ETHRock and a comment about him creating ETHPaper. I was curious about the reason for creating ETHPaper and he told me that it was because Paper beats Rock. Though we laughed it off, it still got me thinking. What if I created an NFT series and game based on that.

What it does:

There is a multi chain NFT Marketplace with low fees which allows users to create an trade NFTs. There is the Loyalty pool system which gives the NFT holder daily claimable rewards based on the pool balance. Each time someone sells the NFT, There is a 1% loyalty pool fee. There would also be a game in which users can play Rock, Paper, Scissors with each other, win and earn rewards using the NFT. Lending of the NFT for games would also be possible, making it interesting for users and creating many ways to earn revenue through the project and NFT.

How I built it:

Not yet developed. Currently in the ideas stage and I'm looking for funding. Some investors and platforms have contacted me about the the project but I haven't replied yet as they asked for too much info. Polygon (Previously Matic) contacted me about the grant submission but asked for too much details.

Challenges I ran into:

Current challenge is in funding the ICO development stage.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

None at the moment.

What I learned:

That it's easier to think of an idea than to take actions on it.

What's next for RPS Project:

Get enough funds to develop the ICO stage.

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