Three years ago, Alex was teaching how to code Rock, Paper, Scissors in CS Club and thought to himself what extensions could be made on such a simple and timeless classic game. Thus, he came up with the idea of a classic game with a twist, like ultimate tic-tac-toe but for rock-paper-scissors: Rock Paper Scissors Live! Rock, Paper, Scissors but instead of a single game, a continuous game of battling for the winning hand in real-time!

What it does

It's a game you can run instantly on Facebook Instant Games from Messenger or the Facebook app! You can play against pre-made custom AI with varying levels of difficulty as well as with your friends on Facebook!

How we built it

Utilizing Facebook's Instant Games, we developed our game in HTML5 using Phaser 3 and Node.js as a game engine library. Additionally, we brought in Heroku to host real-time sessions of our game. Facebook's Instant Games allows us to reach a larger player base than using a mobile app or even a web app as it is so readily available to anyone with the Facebook Messaging app on their phone.

Challenges we ran into

Learning the Facebook Instant Games API and Phaser 3 API, combing through incohesive tutorials and documentation, and trying naive/clever integrations of disparate systems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to develop a working game on the Facebook Instant Game platform, available on any phone with Facebook Messaging on it.

What we learned

Facebook Instant Games, Node.js, Phaser 3, hosting local web servers/web server hosting on Heroku, teamwork, and collaboration

What's next for rps-live

We hope to be able to release the Instant Game to the public after Facebook reviews our application and compliance with their terms and conditions as well as improve on the seamlessness and quality of the experience playing the app. We hope to be able to maximize the fun that our users will have playing our game!

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