Upon reading the theme for the hackathon, Building a Healthier Society, the first ideas that came to our minds were related to medical needs because of the keyword “health”.

However, as we further researched, we found out that health as a society comes down to core needs (food, shelter, clothing, mental care, sanitation, education). But what happens when these resources are in place yet inaccessible? They are misconstrued by society as conveniences, rather than the basic necessities that they are. We are building a healthier society by connecting people with efficient access to their daily needs. Therefore, we decided to create an app to navigate ADA accommodations starting with Georgia Tech: the AYN App (Access Your Needs (“eye-n”))

What it does

The AYN App, which stands for Access Your Needs, is an app designed to identify infrastructure that accommodates the Americans with Disabilities Act, specifically wheelchair-accessible restrooms, parking, entrances, and dining locations.

How we built it

Before coding, we drew the basic structure of the AYN app as well as its main features. We built the app using Swift on Xcode, and designed the database, and created a JSON file to store our dataset. We divided up the various features of the app between the three of us, then merged them together towards the end.

Challenges we ran into

Since we had a limited breadth of accommodations data available to us, we used Georgia Tech as a base location to specify our scope and created our own dataset to demo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of expanding our research beyond the typical user and taking time to learn what makes a society healthy for those often left out of research; because having health resources is not useful if it is not accessible to everyone. We are proud of the result of our front-end development such as displaying the search bar, map, and locating specific places. Lastly, we are also proud that we stuck together until 4 AM to finish our project!

What we learned

We had little to basic knowledge of Swift before this hackathon, but through this project, we gained a lot more knowledge, such as integrating apple maps into our application, using swift’s mapkit library, and implementing our app based on the wireframes we designed.

What's next for AYN

We will need to pull up-to-date accommodations data for Georgia Tech campus to sync with our app. Also, while we were able to support core areas of health such as sanitation, dining, and education, we want to further integrate route information for greater ease of access — we will do this through clear navigation for each input destination to include elevation and entrance directions.

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