Google had implemented fun use of of their own program with Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge, where you searched across the globe to find hidden Pokemon in various places. We wanted to implement a similar experience with an RPG element, hence our creation of RPM (Role Playing Map). Just as the Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge allowed uses to interact with Pokemon as Points of Interests, we allow the users in engage in battle.

The hero of our game, Captain Duck, is controlled by the mouse, which will hover over the Points of Interests. These points could be markets, banks, hospitals, parks, etc. Once Captain Duck hovers over the Point of Interest, it will engage in battle that is switched to Street View. The user can click the "Attack" button which then deals the designated damage to the enemy. Once the enemy is defeated (and Captain Duck is still alive), experience points are gained and every time Captain Duck gains a level then his stats increase, as well as the enemy's.

The goal of the game is to have fun traveling from place to place, exploring new Points of Interest while engaging in battle. In the future we hope to implement new features that will experience real time events for those particular Points of Interests, such as if there is a particular concert happening then you would get to do battle with the band or artist.

We do not have a set range of users, because we believe that anyone and everyone can play it!

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