The current website for CIPCE, a pre-college education program at RPI, is rather old and outdated. Also there's no dedicated website for the Arduino program that I've been involved with, so I wanted to make a website that could be used to help promote the program as well as a provide a central location for all of the materials and educational documents that we make. I also never made a website before, so I wanted to try something new.

What it does

It's a website that shows information on the programs as well as a possibility for a wiki like learning center on Arduino.

How I built it

I coded it on my laptop using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a little bit of Jquery

Challenges I ran into

Unfamiliar with anything web related so didn't know some boilerplate requirements as well as figuring out how to position things properly on a page. Also couldn't get Javascript to work properly for awhile.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made a website that has the potential to be used in pre-college education programs. It's surprisingly better put together than expected and I feel proud of it.

What I learned

How to make a website as well as how to consider designing pages for usability.

What's next for RPI CIPCE Website for Arduino Programs

Adding more functionality to website (full wiki functionality) and improving the ui/design of website

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