Inspiration - DND and text style adventure games

What it does - Runs a DND style text adventure via a groupme bot in user's desired groupme chat

How I built it - Different members developed different functionality within eclipse, came together at the end to create a finished product. Used github as well as heroku with a node.js library.

Challenges I ran into - Very new to javascript and node.js. Ran into issues correctly parsing text files as well as using regex, a relatively new concept for many of us. Also, object oriented programming within javascript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Using a hashmap to store regex parsed story frames for quick recall. Learning javascript, using different platforms, and developing a moderate scale project with many people's collaboration.

What I learned - Javascript, node.js, gitHub, groupme bot development, regex file parsing

What's next for RPGBOT - Adding combat functionality, making save files stored as text files, adding multiplayer functionality and an efficient set of checks to make the bot run effectively.

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