I was inspired by the many fantasy novel I read. I also was influenced by games such as Undertale.

What it does

It serves as a unique approach to the RPG genre.

How I built it

I built with Python.

Challenges I ran into

Working by myself made it hard for me to find mistakes in my code and I would often get stuck on problems such as loops running forever and indentation errors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made this game by myself!

What I learned

I learned about the eval() function which allowed me to convert string types back into their respective data types so that I can analyze data from my data text file.

What's next for RPG Python Game

I would try establishing a Apache server and use CGI(Common Gateway Interface) so that I can incorporate CSS and HTML elements so that it can be accessed by the web and look nice while playing. I was unable to establish a server successfully, so I stuck with programming in Python.

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