The classic RPG challenges players to explore some of the most diverse and beautiful Worlds.

We thought to take a new approach by expanding our RPG's World to encompass the entire web. In this gamification of the Chrome browser, users will be able to add an adventurous twist to their browsing experience by collecting items, crafting new items, and fighting monsters.

We decided to implement this by developing a chrome extension that would scan a webpage for certain key words. When such key words exist, users can click a button to collect it as a resource. For example, a button generated on the word "wood" will let you collect wood as a resource. After collecting the right items, users may come across a key word like associated with "crafting" which they may use to combine materials and create new items. Of course, what's an RPG without combat? Once the user acquires weapons, they may find monsters appearing as key words, which they may challenge.

Users can enjoy collecting items, crafting, and battling monsters while casually browsing the web. The internet is incredibly large, so there's no telling where one might find a secret item!

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