After reading over the documentation, rules, etc. I knew I wanted to build something for the front office. I had always had an interest in building something like this but never got around to it until now. Facts.

What it does

Queries the "stores" database and returns a list of helpful analytics.

How we built it

I used HTML5, CSS, and Twitter Boostraps 5 for front-end development. For back-end development I used PHP and MySQLi.

Challenges we ran into

Picking a theme and an example use case to prove.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most proud that it works. Also, proud that it functions and if used could save businesses a lot of money that could be put back into the business.

What we learned

First time using GROUP BY in a query and proved to be quite useful.

What's next for RPA Front Office Hackathon Submission

My goal was always to get a regular nine to five but I enjoyed this very much and may build it out all the way and see where it goes from there.

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