I love litemint but have 2 qualms:

Multiple mint editions of NFTs are not truly unique

No royalty enforcement

What it does

Mints unique NFTs

Requires NFT owners to bundle the royalty payment into any sale or transfer of the asset

How we built it

Built in node-red using my open source StellarRed integration

Utilizes authorization flags to prevent unauthorized transfer/sale of an NFT

Bundles the royalty payment into a sell transaction

Challenges we ran into

Working with data entries

Exposing node-red to the public internet

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a public frontend working

What we learned

There are so many variables to something that seems simple

What's next for RoyalT Stellar NFT Royalty Enforcement Marketplace

Add the ability to change royalty recipient using a TOML file

Mainnet launch

CryptoCannoneer, PiNFTerest, and Trash Smash integrations

Built With

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