Progressing through Clash Royale is slow for free to play players. So I decided to give everyone a little push without having them pay anything. So I built an app that hosts tournaments for them

What it does

It hosts tournaments for players which normally cost them money for free(we pay the cost) then we get back the cost through Ads

How I built it

I used Android Studio to build the app interface & make design all pages related to it. The app communities with a server that hosts a mysql server, apache server & php to insert, update, select & delete data when needed

Challenges I ran into

Making the costs through Ads which aren't consistent. Each tournament I do costs 5$. So the app needs to make that 5$ whenever I do a tournament until the next one

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to make bigger & more frequent tours over a relatively short period. When the app started it took 1 week to make a 1$ tour. Now after about 4 month of its launch the app makes 1 5$ tour everyday!

What I learned

Have a strong belief & you will succeed!

What's next for Royale Tournaments

Listening to users, fixing bugs, adding enhancements & trying to help more people make their game lot funny!

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