Monitoring a 3D printer is the best way to ensure maximum safety and chance of a successful print, but being constantly present for a print job is annoying and infeasible.

What it does

Uses an AI built off of Tensorflow's Machine Learning API to decide when a camera connected via Octopi's Plugin API shows an image of a failed print. Then stops the print for you! (Hopefully, get SMS notification in time!) The casing, mount, and any hardware were all printed on my Prusa i3 Mk3.

How I built it

During the event, I opened my printer to free or significantly discounted print jobs. This was done to break up the monotony of my dataset consisting of print jobs for the camera mount for this system. This diversified and helped my feature engineering immensely to improve the quality of my AI model. The rest was some data management and scripting via python.

Challenges I ran into

Not enough time and drowsiness! The biggest problem was really finding the time to do everything haha! I'm still finishing up my plugin code and it's 4 hours from deadline! The model is working great at least, lol.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A good model created via altruistic means. I opened up my printer for free prints. This was a great idea, because it injected my dataset with much needed diversification in my dataset. This helps fight overfitting, a common pitfall for AI models.

What I learned

Too much coke can make your teeth physically hurt or extra sensitive!

What's next for Rowp3r

A Kickstarter and doing the same for different models of printers. The model could get even more accurate! The plugin code could be better than rudimentary.

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